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P H O T O   A R T I S T ™

            Meeting your communication needs through visual language.


Any image on my website is available to paper products publishers, advertising/stock agencies, graphic artists, and others who use stock photography to meet your communication needs. Whether your needs are for your website, advertising, or for marketing and promotions, please call me and we can discuss available options.

My library of photo images and photo art is much broader than what I show through my website. I have chosen my website images for the purpose of providing a cross section of different styles, approaches, and techniques to my photo art.

I do not make false promises. Meeting your needs is more important than meeting my needs. If I do not have what you need, I will honestly let you know. However, if your needs fall into any of these categories, I might just have what you’re looking for…

  • Landscapes, scenics, and nature (including close-ups) (Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, Switzerland, et. al.)
  • Winters (mostly landscapes/scenics)
  • Culture (Mexican/Latino/ethnic; people; American Indian; events; architecture)
  • Fine Art (close-ups; abstracts; special effects; spiritual)
  • American Indian; Native Americans
  • Abstracts/Close-ups (wide variety of fine art abstracts and close-ups)
  • Clouds/skies (various and diverse formations, colors, and moods)
  • Arches National Park Area/Utah (various formations; various times of day)
  • Latinos; Immigration 
  • States, cities and towns--Austin, San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Boulder (CO), Hot Springs and Eureka Springs (Arkansas), Las Vegas, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Denver, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Zurich/Luzern/Zermatt Switzerland, Arkansas, New Mexico, Utah, and several Colorado cities and towns.
  • Insects and such—Butterflies, spiders, moths.
  • Wildlife
  • Classic cars (50s, 60s, and older)
  • Doors and windows
  • Religious and spiritual themes
  • Sunsets and sunrises
  • Seasonal (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July fireworks)
  • Switzerland (The landscape; Zurich; Luzern; Zermatt; the Matterhorn; others)
  • Western themes
  • People (variety of cultures, settings, stories)
  • Other (feel free to ask)  

Notes: 1) Where appropriate and necessary, model and property releases were obtained (or can be obtained) and will be available for your records. 2) Some images may not be available in all sizes.

You can also view other Eli photo images at:

  • 4x6-- $5.00 (+ $1.00 shipping)
  • 5x7-- $10.00 (+ $1.00 shipping)
  • 8x10/8x12-- $25.00 (+ $3.00 shipping)
  • 11x14/11x16-- $60.00 (+ $5.00 shipping)
  • 11x14/11x16 (w/artboard)--  $75.00 (+ $15.00 shipping)
  • 16x20/16x24 (w/artboard)--$225.00 (+ $25.00 shipping)
  • 20x30 (w/artboard)----------$400.00 (+ $40.00 shipping)
  • 30x40/30x50 (w/artboard)----------$650.00 (+ $65.00 shipping)

 (Some images may not be available in all sizes. Prices do not include taxes)

All orders are printed on high quality archival papers and acid-free mounting materials.
To order, contact Eli at: 
Payment for prints, services, or books can be made conveniently and securely with credit card via PayPal™ e-mail invoicing. E-mail Eli with your order(s) and you will receive an e-mail invoice and order fulfillment information.

> I Always Wanted To Be Somebody (But, I Settled For Much More: Me)-- $16.95 +tx and S&H
Right Brain Photography--$29.95 + applicable tx and S&H
> Renditions of Famous Paintngs-- $35 + applicable tx and S&H

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        NAME OF WORKSHOP/CLASS                                VENUE                  LINK TO REGISTER

        Creating A Photographic Eye   Front Range Comm. Coll./Westminster, CO
        (How to improve your photography)  Arvada Arts & Humanities Center, CO 

        How To Sell Your Photography-       Front Range Comm. Coll./Westminster, CO 
In Your Spare Time  Arapahoe Community College/CO
The DaVinci Institute/
Boulder Digital Arts (BDA)

        Beginning Digital Photography         Arapahoe Community College/CO

        Right Brain Photography          Arapahoe Community College/CO
                                                                    Front Range Com. Coll./Westminster, CO     
                                                                    Colorado Mountain College/Breckenridge,CO

        Right Brain Photography Workshop         Rocky Mountain Nature Association            
        (A hands-on 3-Day workshop in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado)

        Finding Fine Art In Nature Workshop        Rocky Mountain Nature Association                   
        (A  hands-on 3-Day workshop in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado)

        Photography--Beyond The Basics        Boulder Valley School District (Lifelong Learning) 

       I invite you to my upcoming “Ten Years In Colorado” slide show: August 24th at 7:00 pm. Front Range Community
       College/Westminster, CO, room L-268, near the library. The campus is located at 3645 W 112th Ave, just east of Sheridan.
       I have selected the top favorites during the last ten years. You will see images from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas,
       Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas, and even images from Switzerland. Hope to see you there! 
       Please see a preview of my slide show (Search for "Eli Vega--Ten Years In Colorado.")
                                       CONTACT ME ABOUT  MY 1-ON-1 OR SMALL GROUP  PHOTO LESSONS