Abstract and Close Up photos by life Photographer Eli Vega
Lit WithinColorado ColumbinesOn the Right PathFloating In The GardensPeppers #1Purple MajestiesRocks, Owl Creek PassWatercolor WillowsWallflowerSigns of SpringSoothing SprayLily PatternsPurple PiecePurple HazeWet CubismWhite & Green In MotionOut of The ShadowsVictorian Splendor
V E G A P H O T O A R T @ G M A I L . C O M
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P H O T O   A R T I S T
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IThis is my Abstracts & Close-Ups Room. Sometimes, when I extract from the big picture, I can create images that the big
  picture does not give me. By extracting, plus applying creative techniques to my photography, I can create abstracts, special
  effects, fine art, and my impressionism-style images. I don't see with my eyes; I see with my imagination.