Abstract and Close Up photos by life Photographer Eli Vega

Lit Within
Colorado Columbines
On the Right Path
Floating In The Gardens
Purple Majesties
Dream Flower
Watercolor Willows
Signs of Spring
Soothing Spray
Lily Patterns
Sunflower In The Sky
Purple Haze
Wet Cubism
White & Green In Motion
Out of The Shadows
Victorian Splendor
Bulbs on Pearl
V E G A P H O T O A R T @ G M A I L . C O M 
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P H O T O   A R T I S T 
Images Property of © EliVega
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IThis is my Abstracts & Close-Ups Room. Sometimes, when I extract from the big picture, I can create images that the big 
  picture does not give me. By extracting, plus applying creative techniques to my photography, I can create abstracts, special 
  effects, fine art, and my impressionism-style images. I don't see with my eyes; I see with my imagination. 
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