Cultural Photos by life Photographer Eli Vega
Anasazi Leaning Ladder, Bandelier, New MexicoCara En SueñoHeroes of The AlamoChiles y PapasLa Luz De ConcepcionLa Acordión

Horno Y RistrasTepees at Sunset, Anadarko, OklahomaZapatealeTattoos on Pearl Pindall Pickup, ArkansasAsian DanceAngeloAdobe and Blue DoorNavajo Hut_OklahomaGreat Stupa OfferingsIntuitive CreativeNew Orleans Pantomime
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Culture--The characteristics of a certain group of people. By that definition, everything around us represents culture. As a photo
artist, I am attracted to the color, uniqueness, intrigue, mystery, dance, art, and choices made by individuals and institutions in
various cultures. My photographic goal is to create art from all cultural aspects in our society.