A Sampling of unclassified images by life Photographer Eli Vega

Pegasus In Flight
Lion Monument, Luzern, Switzerland
Beaver Bridge
Fireworks, Breckenridge, CO
Zurich Cathedral & Reflections
Impressionistic Downtown
The Matterhorn at Sunrise
Ranch and Wilson Peak
La Hacienda
Crystal Mill
Funken Sound
Winter Ranching
Now & Then
T.R. Pugh Mill
Ghost Town
Fish Creek Falls
Carriage In The Fall
V E G A P H O T O A R T @ G M A I L . C O M 
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P H O T O   A R T I S T 
Images Property of © EliVega
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This category is a cross-section of images that do not fit neatly into my other categories. However, regardless of the category names 
attached to my images, my bottom line is always the same: create art with my photographic tools, starting with my imagination. For example, when photographing "Imressionistic Downtown," I was inside my car during a heavy rain.