Landscapes and Nature photos by life Photographer Eli Vega

Owl Creek Aspens, Colorado
Morning Has Broken, Fort Worth, Texas
Buck Canyon, Canyonlands, Utah
Mt. Elbert Trail
Looming Great Sand Dunes
Sunrise Over The Ozarks
Autumn Treasure
Eldorado Canyon
Buffaloes & The Grand Tetons
Multnomah Falls
Maroon Bells Morning, Colorado
Turrett Arch Through North Window
Impressionistic Valley
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mt Nat'l Park
Red Mountains at Sunset
Mesa Arch at Twilight
Cedar Creek Canyon, AR.
Chimney Rock, Colorado

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This is my Landscapes & Nature Room. Before I put my camera to my eye and start setting up my tripod, I always scope out the scene and decide what composition is going to work best for me, given all the elements present. I don't just look at the subject  
before me. What is more important to me as an artist is the mood, sensation, feeling, or message I translate from the scene.  
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